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Prosperity Media is an award winning 501(c)3  nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC.  We are committed to using the power of media arts to highlight the good in humanity and to make media more accessible to other nonprofit organizations and underrepresented individuals of all ages and ethnicities.  

Founded in 1999 we are a group of individuals who have launched cable stations, managed media outlets both large and small, developed varying levels of educational curricula and created theatrical platforms for emerging talent.  Throughout our careers we've produced award winning stage, film, video and radio content that focus on a variety of multi-dimensional cultural issues to aid in the development of the ever-evolving human spirit.  

Through our association with Koalaty Entertainment, we produce documentaries, docudramas, feature films and cultural programs that help  people understand each other better.  With the Public Service Global Network, we provide nonprofit organizations a voice in media on various digital platforms and our Capital Media Arts Institute is evolving to provide relevant, exciting and creative media arts training programs for both youths and adults.   

We are governed by a board of directors consisting of broadcast and cable television executives, successful IT business owners, finance executives, artists  and educators on every level.  


New Creative Collaborative Announced at National Press Club in Washington, DC

by: Lenore T. Adkins Special to the AFRO
(Photo by Lenore Adkins) / ...http://www.afro.com/district-black-arts-collective-digs-deep-inspiration/


The Arts are Integral to Our Society

Do you love theatre, movies, dance or other performance arts?  

If you do, then stay tuned for announcements about upcoming productions, adult and children's film screenings, staged performances, workshops, youth programs and other performing and media arts opportunities for you to be a part of or to just simply enjoy in Washington, DC. 

What If?

This PSA is a video poem that emphasizes the importance of Arts in schools.  It was conceived, written and produced by youth in  one of Prosperity Media's  Summer Media Arts Programs.  The video won an award from Washington, DC's,  DCTV Youth Video Competition.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


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Serving Through Media Arts

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